Karva chaut

Karwa Chauth is a festival celebrated by Hindu women from the Indian Subcontinent on the fourth day after Purnima in the month of Kartika.  Fasting by married womenDate: Sun, 24 Oct, 2021 – Mon, 25 Oct, 2021Celebrations: Entire dayFeatured in religions: HinduismRelated to: Dussehra and Diwali

Hello friends how are you all hope that all will be well and all will be well in your family so let’s move on to the next story as you read in part two that when the lost man landed on his room with his friend When I started going outside, that girl took the number of the last man from the last man and asked when will you come to the ground last, I said soon

After that the last man came to Kanpur, then in the next evening the same girl’s call comes.

So when the last man and that girl talk, there is a good bonding between them and they become good friends, now it happens like this for two-three days and at the same time the last man is in Kanpur, so now there is some view of Kanpur. see also

Where last man lives in Kanpur

the last man betrayed his best friend part 2

So till now you have found in part one that the lost man has stayed at his friend’s place in Lucknow for 2 days and he also visited the ground inside his university university and now he is waiting.

So as you read in the previous part, your wait for the last man is over and that girl has now come to play on the ground.

When she came there, the last man was sitting there, after waiting for about 15:20 minutes, the girl brought a cricket bat with her, which Wah had brought with her from home, started playing tennis cricket with one or two boys. He said that to get the hair done, those people were doing their hair in turn, the lost man was also sitting there, so I also thought of getting the ball done.

When I bowled the last ball, that girl did not understand anything because the last man is a good cricketer.

In some way like Rashid Khan comes bowling

So that girl said hey you come bowling well and bowling too, lost I said okay

After that I lost bowling for about 1 hour, during this time there was a friendship between the lost man and that girl, then when evening came, the last man was going back to his friend’s room.

Lost man betrayed his best friend part 1

Hello, friends
Today what I will tell you about the lost man, you will also get to see the importance of money, so it happens that time is cold, 2019 lost man went to Lucknow at that time for personal work,

lost man’s work was there for 2 or 3 days so lost man had to stay there, lost man had a friend lived there, so lost man stayed with that friend for 2 days,So who was the friend of the lost man, He used to study in a university in Lucknow.

The friend of the lost man used to study in a university in Lucknow, so as I told that the lost man stayed there for 2 days, one day went for his work, and on the other day went to visit his friend’s university. It was because that boy also used to play a lot of cricket, so he said that today is the match, let’s play both the lost man said ok, the lost man’s friend also told that a girl also comes there to play cricket,

That’s why the lost man thought there must be a big player, let’s go,

So the lost man is gone,
So let’s go see the university with the lost man

So we were visiting the university from about 2:00, after that it was about 4:00, then the friend of the lost man told him, now let’s play the match Lost, I said ok, then both the people went to play the match.

So this is what you see in the photo, this is the same ground where the lost man and his friend went to play the match.

As the last man’s friend had told that that girl comes to play this cricket, then the last man brother went and waited for him and the last man’s friend went to play cricket.

When the last man was waiting, only then some people were practicing there, some people were also playing volleyball, then the last man also started practicing with them, then after a while the girl came, the last man was waiting for her


hello friends how are you,,So in the previous story we learned why there was a fight and partition in the lost man house behind ₹4.

So today I am going to tell you what has been missed in that story that day.First of all let me tell you that you must have heard a proverb,,And that is that God’s house is late but not dark,

You must be wondering why we are saying this. But you already know that there can be delay in God’s house but it is never dark, that is, if someone has done any wrong thing, then he definitely gets punishment, even if he gets it for a while but definitely gets it. hand job ,


Hello, friends

So today I will tell you that today our society lost man when he helps someone, what does he get in return,, it is a matter of 3 months ago,,
friend of lost man’s friend came to stay at lost man’s room,

Because the next day was his paper, the lost man stopped,,

The next day the boy talked to his brother on the phone of the lost man,

So when the lost man talked to that boy’s brother, he said that Ashish, where do you live in Kanpur, then told in Kakadev, then he told that my friend and her husband are coming because they are in railways, they should be transferred. have been there, so they have to stay there, you shift them, the lost man said ok, Those people were to come after 5 days, Then when those people came, and called the lost man, the lost man was gone, there were 2 people there, as told, then when he met him, he told the lost man that It is my duty, you do this, take them who is the wife, At first the lost man does not understand what to say, then he said sister-in-law, but he said that I am from mainpuri side, so you call me sister, lost man said okay,


Life in an Indian village is not a walk in the park by any means. Farming and agriculture are one of the most difficult jobs. The Indian farmer, in particular, is a hardworking and diligent man. The land and the crops need close attention and efforts day and night for a successful harvest.  A farmer usually starts his day before the sun’s up and works throughout the day. His work involves a lot of manual labour and persistence.

A lot of the farmers do not enjoy the luxury of machines or tractors and have to rely on intense manual labor. Rain or shine, they can never take a day off and even after all these efforts and sacrifices, the financial condition of farmers in India remains very poor.

The rising cost of living, frequent crop failures due to climate changes, insufficient support from the government and many other factors are contributing to their woes.

India, in fact, also faces the shameful problem of rising farmer suicides as well.

Although, since independence, our government has made many efforts to provide the villages with basic infrastructure facilities, one major disadvantage of living in an Indian village is the lack of infrastructure. The houses in most of the villagers in the country still  have thatched roofs and are made of mud or clay. These are not permanent structures. There is maybe one school and one hospital shared by 3-4 small villages.

The roads, too, are not well maintained and usually the villages are not well connected. Transportation facilities are also generally lacking and inadequate.

But it is the grit and spirit of the hardworking villagers that is really inspiring. In spite of all these hardships they follow the path of honesty and lead a simple and virtuous life. They have extreme regard for the environment and for the traditions of our country. Indian villages have a rich history of culture and tradition. Art is celebrated in the form of dance, songs, plays, etc. In fact, some of our most famous dance forms and songs come to us from these traditions practiced in various villages from India. Our villages may lack modern infrastructure, but these are the places where we can find the true spirit of India. 

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You think that you are 4 brothers and one of them is not a brother, now save 3 and your father gets married again, then the father of your father should say something to his elder son,

And then the elder son kills them in such a way that they do not survive,
It’s bitter, must read
It happens that it is a matter of 2002, Baba Ji of lost man told something to his elder son, he was not at home, now Baba of lost man was so scared, that he went to his sister’s place for 8 days Went, then as soon as they come from there, the same son to whom Baba of the lost man had said something,
He was his eldest son, and his wife, all three together killed him so much that he kept shouting, save, but no one came to save him.


hello friends how are you I don’t know where to start Because sometimes such things happen, it is difficult to tell them, Forgive me if there are some wrong words in my language. Let’s say, tomorrow on 8th October, 2 friends of lost man’s father have engagement of girls, one friend is junior engineer then in job of a sweeper, So the friend who is an engineer lives in Haryana, and whenever he comes, his father gets all the work done. And the other friend, he talks like this to the father of the lost manacts like a very good friend but he is a very worthless person, he got rid of the government job of the lost man’s mother, but the father of the lost man does not know this, So tomorrow in the engagement one will be in Etawah and the other in Bangarmau, so the lost man and his father had already planned that the lost man would go to Bangarmau, and Pitaji would go to Etawah,,, So something happened that today the Pitaji of the lost man got a call from the Bangarmau person, he talked like he has a lot of money, said, if you come, you will come, then lost man’s father said that if you send the lost man, then he said, let it be, you come to come, Very bad to hear Lost man will give the answer to this, but there is more left in it, he will tell some other day,

About lost man

hello friends how are you all

I hope everything will be fine
Today I thought I should tell you something else, so let’s tell you something different today,,,,

So today let me tell you only about the lost man,
First of all tell that the lost man is from India

There is a state in India, Uttar Pradesh which has the largest population in India, about 22 crores,

Now let me tell you that there is a district in Uttar Pradesh whose name is Unnao.

There is a place in Unnao, Bangarmau, the same lost man lives,
in a nearby village,